What is the greatest achievement of each person?

I believe that it’s a fact of birth. Just think, first, you, one of millions of sperm cells which move through aggressive space, reach the egg cell. This is evidence that you were born through a struggle. An unknown person slaps you on the buttocks, and you create your first cry.

Certainly, for this achievement, we don’t pay. Every of us was born — seems it wasn’t so special but ask the mother and she would beg to differ.

In a previous article I gave the task to write 10-100 of things that you are proud of. Some people hesitated while others were brave and laid it out for everyone to see. Only 10 people of the 611 completed the task.

For the shyness you don’t get paid — 100%.

If you would like to be a prestigious coach, trainer or consultant, it’s important not only to be able to do business, but also correctly describe the results of your work to the maximum number of people.

I will show you, by example, several professional achievements that I am proud of.

First of all — my daughter 🙂

In 2000 I was a student and my fathers friend — local producer of soda water, offered me to practice. They lost money because Coca-Cola and Pepsi have huge budgets. So small brand needed nonstandard packaging and product positioning. It was absolutely new for me, but me and my friend complete this project in 2 weeks.

I then sent the project to the Moscow contest. I didn’t notably think that I would win, but got the 1st place in the category «Development of an advertising campaign» on advertising festival ‘Miracle’. I was just 19 years old.

In 2002, I won a student grant for participation in the forum of electoral technologies ‘Terra Politicae’  For 9 days we worked as a team and produced a strategy. We won in a business game «President election in Russia.» At the same time, I got a certificate of political consultant. But after Vladimir Putin became a Russian king there is no interest plat this game.

Next victory — in 2003. I was first place in the category «Development of an advertising campaign» on advertising festival ‘Miracle’, the positioning of the paintball club «Elite division.» It was a more conscious work. The plan was implemented by 80%. We received feedback from the jury that it was the most realistic strategy.

In 2004 I protected diploma on the theme «The leading role of PR in integrated marketing communications» to «excellent.» After graduation, I began to look for a job in this field. Such jobs are rare in Tomsk especially for the administration or a small manager who deals in sales of advertising in the newspaper. I was hired into a large corporation, «Siberian Agrarian Group .» There were a bunch of interviews but two months later, I realized that moving papers from one place to another and wasting time writing instructions for the preparation of instructions was not what I wanted.

In 2005, I moved to Moscow, which in itself was a bold move. I went through 50 interviews and was appointed to the position of a marketing manager, with a salary of $6000/year, in a company that dealt in the production of safes. There were no special achievements although I tested many tools such as direct marketing, working with the press among others.The chief was pretty harsh. It felt like I was in the army..

In 2005, I graduated from the NLP-master  and at the first interview, I got a new job in the project with a percentage of sales. I was given a big box with the Chinese booklets. We had to find suppliers, make test purchases, create a brand and to bring the first batch. In fact I created PRIVISION from ground zero: logo, corporate identity, brand book, the packaging for the entire line of products.

In the year 2008, by an estimated brand owners, RDM-PRIVISION we had occupied 9% of the paper market, approximately 2% of the market of compatible inkjet cartridges and 40% of the market CISS (continuous ink supply system, ink cartridges alternative and photo paper).

Sales of brand PRIVISION totaled $ 4 000 000 for 4 years.

In the summer 2008, I became a Private Entrepreneur (PE) and began to look for a niche. I created a site for a bottle of beer with a familiar system administrator, wrote a naive book «Manager with a salary of a rock star» and invite people to my first seminar.

In the fall of 2008 we made the first sales of courses. Before that, there was only free advice for customers. I earned the first $ 500 from online business. Then there were a series of small Internet projects with sales of up to $ 2,000.

In May of 2009, I began earning $ 10, 000 per month. I sold three-month programs of business with China. I started studying in coaching.

In November 2009, in the midst of crisis, when in the company RDM-PRIVISION, questions arose about downsizing. There was non-payment of wages. I had already made sales of around 100 000-300 000 rubles in a month and they still fired me. This allowed me to devote time to the development of my own project.

In October and November of 2010, I did the mass sale «Owner of Destiny» product together with Sergei Zmeev. We had positioned him as a dollar millionaire who shared the secrets of success with ordinary mortals. Sales about $32000 in 3 days!!!

We divided the money equally. That for me was a new level. I went to Goa for two months. And then I got a taste, and during that winter my wife and I visited Bali, Thailand and Hong Kong.

In 2011, we did approximately 3 million rubles in sales in Sergei courses. But I remember 2011 during my visits in the London performances of Richard Branson. For me, it was the first experience of a trip to study the masters of this level. There I enrolled and passed Public Speaking University studying with Andy Harrington.

I was taught to speak from the stage, and the most unusual experience was performing on stage in front of the British with my broken English. In the same year, I studied with Tony Robbins walking on coals.
In 2011, I already made a start on the project ‘1 million rubles’ and sold the program «Webinar Tournament» for trainers and coaches. I taught people to sell during online seminars.

During 2011-12, there came out a few dozen publications in the media about me.
In 2012, I made three short films — «Mysterious wanderer», «Anti-coaching» and «Scroll of Kardoba». The first is not known, but the other two became viral and attracted more than 20 000 potential customers.


In May of 2012 we held the first reality-training in Spain. We rented villas, set the webcams and launched an online broadcast. More than 10 000 unique users watched this broadcast during the whole time . Participants of the show made money online, we also sold well.
In June of 2012 we made with our partners a Guinness World Record together — on our site EXPERT-SYSTEM we had gathered 12,012 people. After that, investors came to us with offers to make money and to enter at startup. It was like a movie. And even then the idea failed.It was a vivid experience.

In December of 2012, we held the second reality show in Thailand and 42 people participated in the project. Our sales were amounted to 8 million rubles.

In 2013, I revised the policy of the company and came up with partner businesses. A more thoughtful work began and I created http://sungrad.com/ which is a project on producing authors who are interesting Our. topics include destination, meditation, personal finance, investments, new professions.

In 2014, during the crisis, we launched the direction of spiritual practices. From an unknown author, a former corporate trainer Eva Efremova. I did almost become a star as we sold in the midst of food crisis more than 1.5 million rubles..

In 2015, we, in spite of the financial depression, embarked on a new track and took in 20 authors and also we provided personal services which have successfully been bought for $ 10 000. I think this isn’t the limit.

But all I wished was to live in pleasure, travel and to fly away to a summer during winter. It is a matter of choice.

But why boast? This experience should serve the people.
In fact, all of the technologies made it possible. I set out in a step by step plan. Yes, everyone has his own way, but the method of promoting their projects are very similar.

It’s time to your results. Press here


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