When I was a student in Siberia I had a friend who spent all free time on personal growth seminars. We troll him in different forms. From soft form trolling “Hey Sasha, how many inches you grow today?” to hard like “you all sextants who smiles like idiots, come back to real life”

But once a time I won students grant for the political education course, for this reason, I take a train ticket and drink vodka for 3 days while we travel to Moscow, because in 2002 no wifi or other entertainment.

So when I arrived at camp it was a luxury resort, that was my first experience from poor Siberian town to new life. Or maybe vodka in my veins still works, anyway it was a completely new world.

100 students from all Russian towns, extraordinary minds of the universe. A dozen of trainers who win political campaigns, I was so excited to be here.

And actually it was a 10-day training program but in form of political game “presidential campaign” For that moment mister Putin just became a president and we didn’t know that he will be our king for 18 years.

For this campaign, those guys teach us the basic and advanced techniques of mass control. Like in “Wag the Dog” movie. I was young and want to know everything how to rule the world 🙂

The major part they teach us NLP (neuro linguistic programming). It was new for me, but the joke was — that continent we troll my friend before!

That content about how you can program yourself and your client for success. It sounds like common stuff from any personal growth gurus around the world and that was so clear to me.

And for that moment I’ve seen how gurus really work. They teach us what they do. For example how to avoid dirty news and kompromat in the promotion. Let’s imagine your opponent start digging dark side of your clients, what are you gonna do? Ignore him? Revenge? The right answer is to find the 3rd side and attack him from another side. In that case you still the good person. Because who threw the mud, has dirty hands.

We start promotion campaign and run in 10 days. We didn’t use any black methods. Instead of this, we create a solid corporate style, promo materials. But we have a problem our candidate was super clever and of course, he looks like a nerd (actually he was).

We organize dance marathon, and our sexiest girl in the team play the role his girlfriend. People always look at her and catch the eye on our guy. What did she find with this nerd? And people start talking with him. As I said, he was clever.

At election day we had won this battle. Just one vote makes a destiny. I was happy because of my team win and our plan work. We won without any dirty methods and implement what gurus said.

When I came back to Siberia, I have never troll my friend anymore. I start buying any courses about personal growth that I can find. Life has been changed forever

In next part, I will show you how people troll me back and how I turn all spendings from seminars to 4 million dollar revenue

How do you get into the world of personal development?

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