Once I found myself facing an incredibly hard problem which had put me up against the risk of breaking up with my business partner. Let’s call him Victor. He was a middle-aged man, quite a successful businessman. A total workaholic with an extremely short fuse. He was not able to reign in his anger — and felt no need to do so. He broke bad to the degree that it was habitual for him to obscenely deride his subordinates with most foul language. So discussing this problem with him was somehow not exactly comfortable.

 Surprisingly, when I had a chance to communicate with him in a relaxed setting off-hours, I saw a completely different person! He seemed quite amiable, sweet, courteous and able to calmly talk on different topics. But as soon the word “work” was uttered, his face took on a different expression, he got as tense as a compressed spring, and his voice rung with hysterical notes. Who was this man? Where did that other guy with whom I so pleasantly conversed just a minute ago disappear?

  I stood there awash in an avalanche of words being uttered so stubbornly that it was impossible to squeeze in a sound, gesture or inflection. Not to mention my opinion.

Such a tenacious bond between a man and his trigger caled “work”!

Is an Efficient Operation the Essence of Our Life?

  Nevertheless in the course of our cooperation I managed to get closer to Victor and see his other side. He is a very wealthy man in possession of an extremely expensive car, several houses and lots of other property. The vector of his career has changed several times throughout his life. He always held senior management positions. Do you think he has no clue that behind his back his employees call him a deranged hysteric? But the only interaction method he knows is “suppression by screaming”.

  To tell the truth I am desperate. What should I do? Continue our partnership and endure his invectives? Or somehow influence that person?

Where Is That Fine Line When a Man Turns into a Complete Workaholic?

You may have the case of a workaholism when:

  1. You do not think about the results of your work but are totally absorbed by the process itself;
  2. The family, friends and unforeseeable circumstances cause a storm of uncontrollable anger if they interfere with the work process;
  3. You unreservedly dedicate all your time to work;
  4. You only perceive life through work;
  5. You always strive to be the first;
  6. You have no personal life;
  7. On weekends you go through the real “withdrawal symptoms”;
  8. You constantly fence yourself off from the requests and desires of your loved ones;
  9. You strive to do everything according to the rules;
  10. Work is a certain “shield” from the fears of tomorrow;
  11. You frantically avoid the state of ‘non-action”

Do you think that you or someone close to you is a workaholic?

Can it really be so bad?

Write your opinion in the comments.

With love,


Yulia Amala.

Юлия Амала

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