I want to say at once that this article is some kind of comic guide to action, without the right to the truth in the last instance. I offer you to play and treat information with humor, but as you know, in every joke, there is a share of the joke. So let’s talk positively about what excites unmarried women.

Where are you my prince?

Many people dream to find a soulmate to live with her during their life. Women are looking for a prince, and men are looking for princesses. But not everyone is lucky in this . Why? — a rhetorical question and the philosophers answer it for more than one century, we will not do this now. Today I offer a short guide in finding a husband.


— At first create the right mood: change your image, hairstyle, clothes.

-Decide where to go and where to look for your soulmate.

For example, in a theater or cinema, in a club or in a resort. You can ask a matchmaker or go to the marriage agency. The ideal option is a fitness club, where you can find a man who leads a healthy lifestyle.

-Be interested in others, you need a real experience of communication.

-Exclude from the list of suitors those who enjoy their loneliness and those who are too rational. They won’t be romantic, they will tire you with clever aphorisms and quotations. Such men need a servant, but not a wife.

Remember, the last choice is of course for Him. You can only push him to take this step, but not too much.

Stand out from the crowd, just do not overdo it, remember: mini skirts and pantyhose in the mesh left in the past.

A small list of what annoys men:

— Unpleasant odor, sloppy clothes and unnatural hair, much jewelry and cosmetics, too loud laughter and a stupid smile.

Helpful Tips

Men’s secrets, which I learned from them, in secret. Knowledge of them will facilitate communication:

— Men do not like to be wrong, do not blame him: «You’re doing wrong!».

«The man is always right!» — this is your motto at the time of the search.

— Men hate the tears of a women, so don’t cry a lot, only on business.

— Men like to teach, play like you don’t know anyhing , even if you have a red diploma.

— Men do not like the manifestation of leadership qualities in the family. Put a veil in the wardrobe , you will hide in it like a house.

I hope these comic, or maybe not, tips will help you in realizing your dream.

Well, seriously, I have a training course, after which you will find your love.

 I will be happy to help everyone.

Your, Irina-Laif

Ирина Грищенко

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