Somehow I thought about my efficiency, because efficiency is the realization of my purposes with the least costs of resources. It seems that I work all day and half of the night or even all night, but as a result I don’t get a lot of realizations and much money but a lot of unfinished work and procrastinations.

1 step against personal efficiency: difficult tasks for later

Waking up in the morning, I always thought what I need to do . Usually it’s a lot of different work, where there is always something difficult and terrible. So I always put off  difficult and terrible work for later, why I should do it early in the morning , spoil it and even all day. I better do 10 simple tasks, than one difficult, that seems faster and more efficiently.

Unfortunately I lost much time doing these tasks with such tactic. Even if  I completed all tasks, compared to the unfulfilled tasks, this seemed a drip in the sea, and instead of motivation, this caused only demotivation and prostration.

Perhaps often we do not notice these thoughts or ignore them, think how it happens for you and decide for yourself, which tasks to choose first for your day.

2 step against personal efficiency: why I need to write if I remember everything

Thinking about my plan for the day, I did not underdtand why I should write something down, different plans and especially use a calendar or online planner.

I will remember everything , why should I spend so much time, while I will write everything and setup I will spend a few hours, after all during this time i can make much money.

After such thoughts I went to do my own things, make money and thrive. It seems that I save a few hours, but the problem is that I did one thing then another and in the end I get confused and scattered among all the affairs.

It seems that I work all day, but as a result everything stands still. This requires of all records, planners and books on this topic.

3 step against personal efficiency: well, another 5 minutes

Perhaps there were such situations, well, this is the life style…

I often wake up in the morning for the alarm clock, thinking that only 5minutes will do nothing. For this reason I wake up late and all time I’m late for Important meetings.

0n the other side I’m a very busy person and I want to make billions, I can not just go to bed at 11 o’clock in the evening, it isn’t cool , I need to work to three night.

For this reason my efficiency is bad and health too. Because the hormone of joy is produced only at night during sleep in the dark. Without this, we are angry, exhausted and unhappy with life.

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Then I’ll write another article about new and more interesting manifestations of inefficiency.

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